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Electric fences of various designs have been effective in excluding coyotes, but they may be inappropriate for use or even illegal in some residential or suburban areas. … Retrieve Doc

PDF file Revised Interim Electric Fence Policy
Electric fences are psychological barriers to livestock 3000 volts Deer >4000 volts Elk >4000 volts Coyotes >4000 volts Deer, antelope, and elk also have hollow hair, which provides an insulating effect, thereby increasing the voltage needed for dependable control. In wintertime, electric fences are less … View Document

About Snake Vs. Electric Fence – Netlore Archive
Various tales, some taller than others, accompany shocking images of an unfortunate python who tangled with an electric fence and lost … Read Article

Wikipedia Nuisance Wildlife Management – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Some of these species are protected by state or federal regulations, such as bears, ravens, bats, deer, woodpeckers, and coyotes, and a permit may Large mammals can be excluded with woven wire fences, electric fences and poly-tape fences. … Read Article

YouTube Red Fox Being Released From Trap June 10, 2007 – YouTube
I have electric fences, chicken wire plowed into the ground, every hole covered and they still find a way in. 4:26 Add to 2010 Trapping Season Our Favorite Catches, Coyotes, Fox, Raccoons, and More! by pcsoutdoors 29,051 views … View Video

PDF file Targeting Alphas Can Make coyote Control More Effective And …
Types of control Guard animals have been effective in some situations and ineffective in others, particularly in rough country with dense vegetation that coyotes (Canis latrans) use for cover. Electric fences can be effective, but they are not practical for large pastures because they are too costly to … Retrieve Full Source

PDF file Sheep-killing coyotes A Continuing Dilemma For Ranchers
A variety of methods were tested to control sheep-killing coyotes, including electric fences, and guard animals such as llamas and dogs. None were particularly effective, and the llamas sometimes turned on the border collies.-ma1 welfare proponents of Proposition 4 argued that sodium fluoroacetate … Fetch Document

PDF file Damage Prevention And Control Methods
Coyotes and other predators occasionally become "trapped" inside electric fences. These animals receive a shock as they enter the pasture and subsequently avoid approaching the fence to escape. … View Full Source

PDF file Living With Predators Resource Guide
The photo to the left is an electric net fence around a sheep allotment in Wyoming. Photo below courtesy of Wyoming Game and Fish Non-electric net fences have also been used to deter coyotes. … Document Retrieval

PDF file Electric Fencing For Sheep
Much*less*than*the* cost*of*a*woven*wire*fence,*and*the*fence*is*a*much*better* deterrent*to*the*movement*of*dogs*and*coyotes*than*a*woven* wire*fence. Temporary Electric Training Sheep to Electric Fences *It*is*necessary*that*sheep*become*adjusted*to*and*learn* to*respect*electric*fences.*All*animals … View This Document

PDF file Fencing In Alberta
Net Wire Fences deters coyotes expensive to install coyotes may climb wire if less than 150 cm (5 ft.) (may consider deer fencing) sheep often get their heads caught in net-wire fencing expected life performance 20 years three strands of electric wire may be added to the top to discourage coyotes from … Fetch Content

PDF file Evaluation Of Electric Fencing To Inhibit Feral PigMovements
For example, electric fencing has effectively excluded or inhibited movements of coyotes (Canislatrans; Gates et al. 1978), white-tailed deer (Odocoileusvirginianus; Miller et al Mean (6 SE) number of crossings by captive feral pigs across 1-, 2-, and3-strand electric fences during 324-hour periods … Retrieve Full Source

About Protect Your Chickens From Predators – How To Protect Poultry …
Electric Fencing. Electric fencing can be a good option for securing poultry. They will chase off everything from the mailman to coyotes – but beware, their protection comes with Barns, Buildings and Fences; Soil and Land Prep; Farm Business and Management … Read Article

PDF file Planning And Building Fences On The Farm
Electric fences are particularly useful for discouraging predators such as dogs and coyotes. Barbed wire is not as effective with sheep, as the barbs tend to become covered with wool. … Doc Retrieval

PDF file This Information Is Reprinted From Rescue Report, The …
Some farmers have enlisted the aid of donkeys, which are known to scare off coyotes. Electric fences, strobe lights and alarm systems also work well and should be installed around areas that are in coyote territory. … Return Doc

Wikipedia Monrovia, California – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
In the same year, the Pacific Electric was opened providing transportation to and from Los Angeles, making it possible for Monrovian homeowners to work in Los Angeles. … Read Article

PDF file Being Dog Aware: Wild Dog Control Fact Sheets
Electric fences have also been widely used to exclude predators with some success. For example, they have been used in Africa to exclude elephants from crops, and in North America to protect livestock from coyotes, wolves and bears. … Retrieve Content

PDF file Chapter 3 Fencing
Five-strand high tensile electric fence is particularly useful for discouraging predators such as dogs and coyotes. However, fences must be kept free of vegetation to maintain electric current on the fence. … Doc Viewer

In areas where electric fencing is extensively used, preliminary information suggests it has become less effective in keeping coyotes out. One theory is that with the increased use of electric fences, their novelty as a deterrent has worn off, and coyotes have learned to get through them. … Visit Document

PDF file Preventing And Controlling Coyote Problems
Constructed and maintained, net-wire and/or electric fences can help to reduce predation for short periods. Net-wire fencing is one fencing design that has been . effective at deterring coyotes in certain situations, but it … Read Full Source

PDF file Coyote Roller
But the problem is that coyotes have been known to get over fences 6 feet tall. To build a fence tall enough to stop coyotes is both cost prohibitive and a potential eye sore. Barbed and/or electric fences are both dangerous and sometimes forbidden by local zoning laws. … Read More

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