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News Lucky Or Good? The Truth About The Obama Recovery
To win reelection, Barack Obama can't just persuade voters the economy is improving. He has to make them believe he's the reason why … Read News

YouTube A Shock In The Nuts!! – YouTube
Poor young boar – he wasn't the only one turned on – so was the electric fencing!! @ShortFingeredShreder i paused it and theres actually a white wiggly line between the animals so i think it did ejaculate just as the … View Video

• Three or more strand fences may have line post spaced up to 50 feet with apart with no stays, or up to 150 feet apart with stays or light posts every 50 For 1 to 3 strand wire electric fences, corner, gate, end and brace post assemblies may consist of the following: • Steel "T" posts that are a … Read Content

PDF file Of American Transmission Co. Rights-of-way – The Following …
Units for existing electric fences (in place prior to the transmission line) within the right-of-way. Property owners are responsible for costs associated with the installation and … Fetch Full Source

About Groundhog Control | Getting Rid Of Groundhogs | Woodchuck Control
Be aware of two factors, however: groundhogs can climb over your fences, and groundhogs can tunnel under your fences. This design discourages burrowing if it is started at the fence line." Such a fence can be supplemented with an electric hot-shot wire. … Read Article

They were intended for use on electric fences on farms for stock control. Other Related Accessories Some of the other accessories for the Surge Electric Fence line included: the Fencer, Charger or Controller (unit that … Read Full Source

Wikipedia Transformer Types – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Large three-phase autotransformers are used in electric power distribution systems, for example, to interconnect 33 kV and 66 kV sub-transmission These are sometimes made from configurations of transmission line and sometimes bifilar or coaxial cable and are similar to transmission line … Read Article

PDF file Fire Fighter FACE Report
He confirmed to the arriving units that a power line was down, and he indicated that the electric fence was energized due to the downed power line. (Note: This was an electric fence used to control live stock. … Fetch Full Source

Wikipedia Telephone – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Each telephone line has an identifying number called its telephone number. An undisputed fact is that Alexander Graham Bell was the first to be awarded a patent for the electric telephone by the United States Patent and … Read Article

PDF file How Does An electric fence Work?
If connecting leads and electric animal fence wires are installed near an overhead power line, the clearances shall not be less than those shown in the table below. Minimum clearances from power lines for electric animal fences Power line voltage Clearance ≤1000 V 3 m (10') >1000 V to ≤33,000 V 4 m (13') … Fetch Doc

PDF file Speedrite fencing Manual
You get the most from your electric fences way to power a permanent electric fence. Battery High powered battery energizers can be used to power multi-wire, permanent fences. Some battery energizers can be fitted with a battery charger power pack, connected to the energizer to the mains/line power. … Access Full Source

PDF file Fencing Systems For Rotational Grazing
At the top of a rise where there will be downward pressure, just using a 4-inch wooden post would be adequate • The line posts: There are lots of different options for line posts in high-tensile electric fences. … Retrieve Document

Wikipedia Wikipedia:How To Draw A Diagram With Microsoft Word …
PROTIP: If you have a shape with several holes in them, consider grouping them all together – this will allow you to change opacity, line weight, fill color in a single action rather than doing it for each item. … Read Article

(NE500-30-001 Permanent Electric Fence) PERMANENT ELECTRIC FENCES . I. Post . A. Line Posts . i) Fiberglass posts will be a composite of marble, fiberglass, and polymer resins … View Document

For fences that cross the transmission line right-of-way (ROW) at right or oblique angles, it is recommended that the fence be grounded at the edges For electric fences that cross t he transmission line ROW at right or oblique angles, it is recommended that t he fence b e grounded a nd 60 Hz series filters be located at the edges of the ROW. … Retrieve Document

PDF file Building An Electric Anti-predator Fence (Oregon State …
Electric fences use double-span strainer assemblies (Figure 3) at gates, end points, and at intervals of 1,500 to 2,000 feet on long fences. Do not bury batten or "dancer" posts in the ground; use them to maintain spacing of the electric wires. Make sure line posts are set directly on line between … Retrieve Full Source

PDF file High-Tensile Fence–Do's And Don'ts – 819
—Use PPT pine or untreated locust with insulators or self-insulating creosote PPT selected hardwood for line posts for electric fences. —Use self-insulating creosote PPT selected hardwood battens or heavy duty fiberglass T-posts as wire spacers between electric fence line posts. … Fetch Full Source

Gates Gates are required for access and where electric fences cross bridleways or public pathways. A non-electrified gate (Figure 11a) may be incorporated into the fence line. … View This Document

About Trees Used A Flag Poles And Fence Posts – The Complete Forest …
Avoid the Power Line Syndrome; The Classic Tree Abuser; Forcing Lethal Competition; Suffering in the Dark; The Incompatible Neighbor; Tree Roots Need More Respect … Read Article

PDF file Modifying Elk ( Cervus Elaphus ) Behavior With Electric
KEY WORDS Cervus elaphus, chronic wasting disease (CWD), disease transmission, electric fence, elk, fenceline As with all electric fences, an adequate power supply to the fencerandvoltagetothefenceisrequired.Ifeitherofthese … Return Doc

FENCE AND HEDGE BUILDING AND ZONING REQUIREMENTS WHEN PERMIT IS REQUIRED • ANY FENCE OVER 6' HIGH, ELECTRIC FENCES, & BARBED WIRE FENCES Submittal documents lot line to the front setback line between the rear lot line and the rear setback line. … Document Viewer

PDF file A Practical Guide To Electric Fencing For Horses And Ponies
When your horse touches the 'live' fence line, it will complete the electric circuit and feel a shock as the current flows through its body The amount of shock on the fence line under different loads created by vegetation or very long fences . Joules – This determines the distance of fence line that can be … Return Document

News At Least One Texas Tornado Damages Homes, Storms Cause Flooding
SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Reuters) – At least one tornado southwest of San Antonio caused widespread damage as a line of thunderstorms flooded streets across the region and left thousands without power, officials said Tuesday. The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down late Monday about 25 miles southwest of San Antonio and moved toward the city. The presence of three separate … Read News

PDF file 1 Updated 09−10 W Is. Stats. Database FENCES
Standard electric fence and shall be a legal fence when agreed to in writing by the adjoining property owners. respective occupants in partition fences or their obligation to maintain the same, either party may have the line divided and the … View This Document

PDF file Electric Fences
Electric Fences Solar-charged or 110 volt electric fencing is one of the most effective methods to reduce black bear damage. 13 9 foot x 6 inch wood corner posts (CCA treated) É 8 9 foot x 4 inch wood top rails (CCA treated) É 11 7 foot x 1.2 inch fiberglass line posts … Get Document

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