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PDF file Guardian Rootstock
Commercial repellents used to repel deer in orchards include: Hinder , EPA Registration # 4-15, 13.8% ammonium In areas with high deer populations, fencing may well be the only viable control method. Electric fences work and are less expensive than conventional fences. … Fetch Document

About Deer Fencing | Types Of Deer Fencing – Landscaping Ideas …
Electric deer fencing is one of the cheapest types of deer fencing, generally consisting of a wire or wires strung relatively low along the desired electric fencing; cheap landscaping ideas; mesh deer fencing; deer control; fences … Read Article

PDF file Vertebrate Management
Soap bars also have been used in orchards to repel deer. Drill a 1/4-inch hole through the center of each small In areas having a high deer population, fencing may well be the only viable control method. Electric fences offer an effective, less expensive option than conventional fences. … View Doc

PDF file Ornamental And Garden Plants: Controlling Deer Damage
Area repellents repel by smell and contact repellents repel by taste, and 6) alternative plantings. Control methods other than an eight-foot high, deer-proof fence or an electric fence (e.g Deer may learn to jump electric fences if incorrectly installed or maintenance is lacking. … Access Full Source

PDF file Ornamental And Garden Plants: Controlling Deer Damage
repellents repel by taste, and 5) alternative plantings/ habitat modification. Physical Exclusion The most effective deer damage control method is the use of exclusion fences. Deer can easily jump over many decorative fences. To keep deer out of a landscape or garden, either an electric fence or … Retrieve Content

Word file Deer Control Notes
Deer are very good jumpers and can easily clear 4-foot fences. Another deer was observed clearing a 12 Dogs that run free can successfully repel deer long-term. See ARS Magazine article handout and Resource page for more details on electric fences. … Retrieve Content

YouTube Gardening Tips : How To Keep Deer Out Of A Garden …
Sure if they were smart or, were being chased they could easily clear the two fences but, don't give the deer 2:07 Add to Gardening Tips : How to Repel Deer by ehowgarden 1,106 views 9:47 Add to Electric Bear Fence by draperbee 4,202 views … View Video

PDF file Use Of Gallagher® 2-Layer Deer-Exclusion Fencing To …
The use of solar-powered electric fences, such as the Gallagher ® fences used in this study, provide a useful tool for land managers to protect Using Milorganite ® to temporarily repel white-tailed deer from food plots. … Access Doc

PDF file W-5-2001 School Of Natural Resources, 2021 Coffey Road …
Can be applied near plants; they repel deer by odor. “Deer Away” Big Game Repellent, Hinder, Thiram Permanent fences, especially high-tensile electric fences, can provide year-round pro tection from deer. … Doc Retrieval

PDF file Preventing And Controlling Deer Damage
Area repellents can be applied near plants; they repel deer by odor. "Deer-Away" Big Game Repellent, Hinder, Thiram Permanent fences, especially high-tensile electric fences, can provide year-round prot ection from deer. … Retrieve Here

PDF file EC 1557 Reprinted November 2002 $1.50 Reduce Deer Damage In …
Electric fences also are effective against deer and can be less expensive than other types deter deer effectively, if they are used properly. They are called deer repellants. Deer repel … Retrieve Content

Wikipedia Animal Repellent – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
High-frequency whistles have been used on vehicles to drive deer away from highways, and similar devices have been used to deter and repel certain types of insects or rodents. … Read Article

PDF file IPM Stone Fruit Web
•Where appropriate, electric fences are very effective. Repel deer by hanging one or more of the following from mesh bags on trees: small soap bars, human hair, blood meal or mothballs. … Document Retrieval

PDF file Controlling Wildlife Damage In Corn
electric fences will effectively exclude deer at a reasonable cost. Otherwise, the cost is excessive and the effectiveness is limited. c) Human hair when spread lightly in and around a small sweet corn field may repel deer. … Get Document

Fences . Electric fences are usually the most effective solution to a serious deer problem. Weeds must be controlled along the fence line to prevent electrical shorts. A single wire will sometimes repel deer if the population is low or if natural foods are abundant. … Fetch This Document

PDF file Protecting Clients' Plants From deer Damage Is A Potential
There are a number of fencing options for controlling deer, including temporary and permanent electric fences, but the most common deer fences for residential and Area repellents are applied around the plants (often in perimeter applications) and repel deer by odor alone. … Doc Viewer

PDF file Reducing Deer DamageRev10-29-09 A
Repel-lents Fencing Plant Substi-tution Cover-ing Scare Tactics Hunting Established hedge or tree 3 3* 3* Young plants 3 3* 3 3 3 3* Mature Physical Barriers Fences may be wire, plastic, or electric. Fences must be at least 7 feet high to keep deer out completely. … Read Here

PDF file Identifying The Culprit
Electrical fences repel deer by emitting an electric shock when touched. Because it's effectiveness is based on changing deer behavior, electrical fencing should be installed where damage is expected to occur, but before any damage begins. … Retrieve Doc

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