Electric Fence Repair


Repairing an Electric Fence-Issues You May Encounter

Electric fencing that has been improperly installed can create hazards to animals and humans alike. When you purchase a daken electric fence or hotline electric fencing, a number of problems can occur during the installation process. For this reason, you need to have the name of a good electric fence repair firm. Contact your firm when a problem comes up so you can get your fence up and running again in the shortest period of time. Here are a few common problems that you may encounter.

If your fi shock electric fence or a fence of this type by any manufacturer is not properly grounded to the earth, problems will occur. Several ground rods must be installed. At a minimum, three rods should be at least six to eight feet long. Good ground clamps must be used and the rods should be galvanized. If this is not the case, you won’t have a good shock and your animals may ignore it and go wherever they want to. By using adequate Earth grounding, you can ensure your animals will receive the proper shock to keep them restrained.

Interior cross fences which do not have enough give often fall. The reason for this is the fence is designed to act as a rubber band when used in the interior. If an animal runs into the fence and posts have been installed too close together, the posts will come out of the ground or the insulators will break. If you are installing on flat ground, posts should be placed further apart as they will give more without being damaged. Be sure to follow government specifications for boundary fences.

Wet, heavy vegetation can damage wires which are placed to close to the ground. When the grass is wet, juice will be sucked out of the charger. To avoid this, have your pel electric fence company set the system up so wires at the bottom of the fence can be turned off when grass grows. Make sure you buy a charger that is adequate for the area also. Your electric fence company can identify what is needed in each and every situation. There are just three repairs you may encounter, but you will find the right fence company can take on many more.

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WARRANTY THUNDERBIRD Electric Fence Systems.
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IO Tech Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd will, at its discretion, either repair or replace a product that proves to be defective. Merlin M-Series User Manual 2 What is your electric fence? An electric fence system consists of electric wires carrying high voltage electric pulses that … Document Retrieval

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WARRANTY THUNDERBIRD Electric Fence Systems.
Thunderbird warrants all electric fence systems against defective workmanship and faulty materials for 2 years from the date of pur-chase. We undertake, at our option to replace or repair free of charge each product, or part thereof, on condition that it is returned to our factory freight pre paid, and … Get Doc

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P armak ® ElEctrIc FEncE products PaRMaK ® ENERgIZERS – USER/INSTaLLaTION MaNUaL CONgRaTULaTIONS! you have purchased one of the as an accessory from your dealer. use parmak warning signs item #2160. check state and local codes before using electric fence chargers. SaFETY FIRST: do not attempt to repair … Read Full Source

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Electric Fence Energizer
INST-04-0003-00 0092 Rev. 7-07 Electric Fence Energizer Installation, Operating and Warranty Instructions WARNING: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE 6.*REFER*TO*AUTHORIZED*REPAIR*CENTER*FOR*SERVICE. *There*are* no*user*serviceable*parts. … Return Document

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Electric Fence For Dogs

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Electric Fence For Dogs

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